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Should I have a blog on my homepage?


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Having a blog can be a great marketing tool for you! But it can also be something that is putting pressure on you and a place where people can see if you’re blogging regularly.

If they see that you’re not blogging regularly they might think you’ve stopped being a full time creative, they might think that you’re not really committed to your creative passion and that is isn’t that important to you.


So let’s be clear on why I recommend having a blog.

I think a blog can be a great place where you can show what you’re working on, you can let people get to know you. You can build up a relationship with your audience and it can be a place where you can get people to sign up for your newsletter.

You can share so many aspects of your creative passion that you can't fit into your regular homepage setting.


A blog can be the basis for your whole social media strategy and it can be a little bit like a home-base for your fans.

So it is definitely great to have a blog.


However creating a blog and maintaining it regularly is a ton of work.

It is hard at times to stick to a routine. People love to know when they can expect a new post from you, so the best thing you can do is create a schedule and stick to it!

That doesn't mean you will have to blog every day. I won't even recommend blogging every day, but three to one time a week is a frequency I would recommend.


Always keep in mind that you have a creative BIZ with a blog, not a blog with a creative BIZ.


So there is no need to post every day.

You could definitely post every day, but I think you will also see great results without.

So before you hop into creating your own blog, I would recommend to start with a plan that includes one blog post a week.

You can add more posts as you go.


Another thing I can recommend is to write those blog post in advance.

It can be great to have 3 month of content ready to go. I know this sounds like a ton of work, but there are always unexpected things happening.

You will have times when you just can't post as often as you would like to and then the prewritten posts come in handy. Nobody will have a clue that you’re busy taking care of other things.

They will see a reliable business that is doing everything like they expect.

I know you won't get started with everything worked out for 3 months in advanced. If I’m being honest with you, I am still working on that!

So please don't make the same mistake I made. Prepare your posts in advance.

When thinking about having and maintaining a blog is giving you headaches, then don't start one.

You don't have to have one in order to have a successful creative business.


You will need to find your own way to create a community around your business, but it doesn't need to happen through a blog.


So there you have it!

I hope my thoughts on why you should have a blog and what you need to consider before starting one are going to help you find the right way for your creative BIZ.


If you have any questions, please let me know! at: info@kerstinpressler.com

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