I'm a fine artist, striving to create artworks that lives like poetry in the mind of the viewer.

Letting them experience a mellow world, full of elegance and delight.


I create this world from a variety of different materials. I'm always searching for new materials to create sparkling, feminine spheres.

One thing is for sure, I'm having a love affair with paper.

I like to use it in a variety of different ways! I collecting different kinds of manufactured papers and make my own as well.

At the moment I have a tiny attic studio in our house, but I'm dreaming of a wooden studio in a beautiful garden

so I don't have to think about getting my pieces down the little staircase of the attic anymore.


I think the best way to get to know more about my art is to experience it!

So check-out my Portfolio!






I'm a mom of two, married to a lovely husband. Living in between the borders of Germany and the Netherlands.

Sometimes I start watching series, even though I know I need to get stuff done.

Oh, and I really don't like coffee!!!

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Kultur Marketing & Management , PH Ludwigsburg (DE), graduated 2017

Bachelor of Fine arts Fine art, Acadmie Minerva Groningen (NL), graduated 2014



'Spolia, eerbetoon aan de dichter C.O. Jellema' poezie en beeldende kunst, stichting terug na het begin, Boekhandel uitgeverij Godert Walter, 2013

'Gr'nn, Studenten editie' Jahrgang 15, Speciale Studenteneditie, November 2011



Kunstcollectief Flonk, March 2015, Cultuurel Centrum in Zuidhoorn (NL)

Final Examen Exhibition, July 2014 in Groningen (NL)

'Fairytales', September 2013 in Eindhoven (NL)

'Glücksspiel', May- June 2013 in Groningen (NL)

Festival 'Time Shift', 'de absurde wereld van Daniil Charms', May 2013 in Groningen (NL)

Festival 'terug na het begin', May 2013 Appingedam (NL)

'Spolia' June 2013 in Leens (NL), April 2013 in Appingedam (NL) , March-April 2013 in Groningen (NL)

'Quo Valies?', 15 jaar G'rnn, November 2011 in Groningen (NL)