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What do I need to write about in an artist statement?


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An artist statement is your vision on your works. You will write your artist statement around a body of work. This means that it will change together with your creative work. So you will probably write a lot of statements during your art career.

Every change of concept should be reflected in your statement.

When you’re applying to join an exhibition they will probably ask you for your artist statement or when a gallery is interested in your works they will be likely to want to read your statement.

It doesn't have to be a novel, half a page to one page will be enough.

Most of the time the person that is reading it isn't having a ton of time to read your statement, so make it as short as possible and as detailed as possible.

Think about it as a story you’re telling!

It should be an interesting and exiting read, not like someone wrote something down because they have to do it!

The statement is not a critic, but a look into your thoughts.

Let the reader know what your concept is. Why are you doing what you’re doing?

Do you have fun facts you can't see at first sight when looking at your work, but are in the back of your mind when creating your pieces?


People would like to read those facts!

This is your voice, so don't make it sound fancier than your normal voice.

Don't use weird important sounding words. Just write as you talk.


Use specific adjectives when writing your statement.
It can help to start out with 20 specific adjectives that describe your work.

Don't say it is unique, colorful or personal.

I do hope every art is that, but get more into the details.

The questions you should keep in mind when writing the statement is:

Why? What? How? Combine those with describing adjectives.

Before you start writing your own statement, try to find other artists statements. In that way you will see a lot of different ways to write an artist statement. You will need to rewrite it again and again until your happy with the result.

Writing the artist statement is hard and even the most experienced artists struggle doing it.


So get started and just write the first draft! It doesn't need to be perfect the first time you write it. You just need to get started!

I hope you have a better idea about what an artist statement is.

Sometimes you might also change it up a bit to get it to match a certain occasion.

Especially exhibitions you’re appealing for or galleries you would like to work with.

Oh ja, one last tip, always archive your statements, it is always helpful to start writing a new one after you’ve read your older versions.

That way you have a much more clear picture of what you want to say!


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