I'm a painter, formally trained in fine arts, living my creative dream.

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This dream I live is something I've always known possible, even though at times it seemed far, far out of reach, sometimes even impossible.

Since starting out on this crazy creative journey,

I've started dreaming about a world where you won't get asked how you’re able to make a living if you tell someone you’re an artist, designer, stylist...

I'm dreaming of a world where the starving artist isn't even a memory of the past.

I do believe that it is possible for every creative to make a living from their passion!

The only thing we need to realize is that we'll have to leave those ancient doubts behind us and start to open up to see us as creative entrepreneurs.

We won't have to change what it is we're creating; We just need to do a ton of mindset work and add in some simple yet effective business strategies.

We need to own our inner sparkling creative. Are you sparkling creative too? 



How I can support you on your journey: