Tiffany Pratt - a true inspiration

After I showed you how to create a style guide for your creative BIZ yesterday, I want to introduce you to a 'artist, stylist, person' I really do admire.

Tiffany Pratt, she is a real inspiration for me and she has a amazing, inspiring branding!

A true inspiration – Tiffany Pratt! the BIZ-school for creatives blog. Read the full blog post at

Even if she's not your cup of tee, you can learn from her!

She's truly repelling the kind of people she don't want to work with and attracting the kind that really do understand her mission.

So check out her Homepage, her intro video and her speech at creative mornings!

I would love to get to know people that you think, have an amazing branding and are a real inspiration for you!

So comment below and tell me about that person your inspired off!!

Introduction Video of Tiffany Pratt


Part 1 at creative mornings


Part 2 at creative mornings


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