Hi there technophobe,


using technology is not really your thing.

If you’re honest it's freaking you out, however you never actually took the time to overcome your anxieties around technology.

You know you need to learn at least some basics, so you can run a successful creative business, but so far you haven't found the right moment to do so.


Let's be honest the right moment will never come!


So get started, search for information on youtube, google and in books and start taking actions!


You’re amazing in doing your actual creative work, so let the world know about it!

You’re connected with a ton of fellow creatives, so start adding even more creatives to your network online!


Remember you’re absolutely able to do the tech stuff.

You probably won't learn programming, but you will be able to manage everything you need to do online and on your computer!


I'm not a pro in doing tech stuff either, but after putting in some time to learn how to use the right software and some practice I've managed to build my own homepage, use all the tools I need and know how to find someone to help me out with the little things I need help with!


You will figure it out!

And if you let me I will be your coach and cheerleader on your way!


So start asking your network to help you learn the tech stuff!

Use youtube to find tutorials! Don't get discouraged if the first video you’re clicking on isn't the right one for you!



If you’re brave you can let me know what you’re struggling with most!

I would love to give you some specific tips to help you get going!

(Maybe even create a how to video for you!)

So email me at: kerstin@kerstinpressler.com


Xxx, Groetjes,





In a couple of minutes you will receive an email from me, make sure to answer the questions inside!

This will ensure you will get the right tips and tricks for your situation from me in the future.