Being a sparkling creative isn't about having sparkle, glitter, and glamour in your life.

Yes of course for me it's part of the game, even though it's only a small fraction of what it is about.

Being a sparkling creative means to own your creative superpower.

To sparkle from the inside out and to share your creative work with the world.

It means you're truly creating the work you're called to do.

This doesn't mean you compromise your income or your lifestyle.

Being a sparkling creative means that your financially independent, calling the shots in your life and business. It means, being connected to your higher-self.

Because yes, you not only fully own your creativity, but also the fact that you run a creative business.

You know your shit when it comes to your creative work, the mind work it takes and the business side of things.

So are you a sparkling creative? Or do you want to become one?


Kerstin Pressler, fine artist,

Let's be real, there isn't just one way of being a sparkling creative, it's all about what you need and want in your life, and of course, things will change and evolve. 

Since I've stumbled into creative entrepreneurship in 2013 things changed many times, at one time I had a brick and mortar studio, today I'm working out of a studio in our house. 
Which is perfect for me at the moment, because I can switch between working and being a mom whenever I'm needed. 

Five years ago I would have never have dreamed of traveling around the world on business trips, connecting with fellow creatives like you wherever I go. 
I never thought I could make a difference and help creatives become their version of a sparkling creative, but here I am reaching you. 

I would love to make a difference in your creative adventure and invite you to join the sparkling creative community.

I see you there.

Xx, Kerstin



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