Hi there planner,


You have amazing planning skills!

You do it all the time, however taking action on your plans isn't always happening.

Planning is a way for you to dream of your future, a future where you’re going to achieve all your goals.


But if I’m being honest with you, planning out your life and your business won't get you anywhere without taking action!


That's why you need to suck up your fear of what might happen if you stick to your plan and start taking action.

So you know in real life what's going to happen when you stick to your goals!

You wouldn't need to be scared anymore about what would happen if you did this or that, you would simply know..


So stop think about what could happen when you would execute your plan and start concentrating on the actions you’re taking.


Write down the one thing you really want to make happen, break it down into small chunks.

The small chunks shouldn't be more than an hour’s work.

(Oh ja one little tip, plan in twice as much time as you think something will take you! You will need it, trust me!)

Starting today, take action one small task a day.


Then after a week look back and see what you’ve accomplished!


If you want me to keep you accountable let me know what you’re planning to do and I will kick your butt if necessary!

Mail me at kerstin@kerstinpressler.com! Let me know what you’re doing!


Xxx, Groetjes,






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