Hey there newbie!


So you’re the new kid around the block! No worries this is only a temporary thing!

We will get you out there playing with the big kids in no time.


The good thing is, you already know what you want to create!

You still need to improve your skills here and there, but you’re ready to jump into the creative world.


This is a big step -

and I know that in the beginning it seems really hard to get to know other creatives and connect with them.


That's why I want to offer your some guidance!


Go out there in your community and find places where other creatives meet, make sure to seek out professional creatives.

Why do they need to be professionals?

If you want to take your creative adventure serious you should try to connect to others that do as well.

Go to gallery openings, museums, craft fairs, trade shows, open studios, networking events and conferences.

Think about where you could find creatives that do similar things and meet them!

Of course you should also connect with creatives of different fields.


If you’re living in the middle of nowhere and it is hard for you to find places, search for them online!

I love to connect with fellow creatives via Instagram. Try to find your jam!



Think about the following, because they will help you figure out the future of your creative adventure!


How do you want your creative life to look like?

How do you want your creative business to look like?

How do you think you can achieve that?


If you have something specific you’re struggling with right now, Let me know!

I would love to help you out!

E-mail me at: kerstin@kerstinpressler.com


Xxx, Groetjes





In a couple of minutes you will receive an email from me, make sure to answer the questions inside!

This will ensure you will get the right tips and tricks for your situation from me in the future.