studio organization, systems & routines! a sparkling creative workshop


studio organization, systems & routines! a sparkling creative workshop

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Creating systems, following routines and organizing your entire life might not seem sexy, but let's talk about the benefits of doing just that!


Yes time, time that you can spend in your studio, working out, with your kids or whatever you love to do. As a recovering chaotic I fell you, but let me tell you on this other side when you and your team know how things work and where to find them life is actually more fun.
Don't get me wrong when I'm in the trenches painting I still make a big mess, but cleaning it up and preparing my studio sessions got so much easier. Plus my team actually knows what to do even when I'm out and about.


So Let's talk about what you'll learn in this training:


  • You'll find out how to systematically get rid of the mess in your business and life. How to get rid of clutter, broken things and other energy suckers. We'll be talking about things and people because yes those can also be energy suckers and we might want to get rid of them.
  • We'll get you systematized. We'll make sure to get those reoccurring tasks listed out, so you can create checklists, process plans, and instructions for you and your team to get things done.
  • This will not only make the tasks at hand easier for yourself, but it will help you hand off tasks as your business grows.
  • We'll be talking about habits and routines and how they can help you increase your productivity and income, without effort.


Systems, routines, and organization will not only benefit the back end of your creative business it will also help you give your beautiful clients the luxurious experience they deserve, after all, choosing for a handmade work is something special.

We'll get you into funnels and autoresponders, so you know how to improve your client service and cut down on those hours spend on helping them.

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All live workshops will be at 8pm CET (7pm BST, 11am PST). All pre-recorded workshops are available right away.

All workshops are going to be between two and three hours long, during our live recording you have time to ask questions if you can't be with us live you can submit your questions before the workshop or send them over after you've watched the recording via email.

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