selling physical works of art! a sparkling creative workshop


selling physical works of art! a sparkling creative workshop


Selling physical products quite another ball game than selling services or digital goods. So many different things to think of, organize and manage. You're probably feeling a bit overwhelmed?

That's why we need to take the time to plan, prepare and organize our creative business in a way that makes it easy to fulfill our client's needs.

However let's be honest figuring out the hassle behind the scenes all by ourselves can be a wee bit tricky and time intensive, that's why we'll take about all of it in this training.


We'll make sure you'll learn


  • ... how to package your work so it won't arrive broken.
  • ... how to store your pieces in your studio, so you won't waste a ton of time finding it when an order comes in or worse it gets damaged because you haven't put up proper storage.
  • ... how to give your clients a luxurious experience, because let's be honest selling handmade goods is something special
  • ... about online shops, craft shows, Etsy, wholesale and other ways to sell your creations
  • ... how to create a smart pricing structure
  • ... about the legal stuff we all need to handle


... and so much more.


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All live workshops will be at 8pm CET (7pm BST, 11am PST). All pre-recorded workshops are available right away.

All workshops are going to be between two and three hours long, during our live recording you have time to ask questions if you can't be with us live you can submit your questions before the workshop or send them over after you've watched the recording via email.

You'll be receiving a workbook and the link to access our workshops a few days before it will take place.


If the training is already live and you're purchasing the recording, we'll make sure to give you access as soon as possible.

No worries directly after you signed up you'll receive a confirmation email.