plan with me 2019! as sparkling creative workshop


plan with me 2019! as sparkling creative workshop

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Planning the new year in time is the secret to effortless success.

Knowing when what is going to happen will help you stay aligned with what you truly want in your business and life.

I'm all about finding the golden middle between work and life, that's why I think proper planning is crucial to make sure you have time to rest and to recharge, but at the same time you know when it's game time and you genuinely need to take action.

During our workshop...


  • ... You'll get to know all your wild dreams and desires for 2019, both personal and business.
  • ... You'll have plenty of downtime and vacations scheduled in, so you know you won't miss out on any special occasion.
  • ... You'll have outlined the complete year, know when you're promoting what and you'll have a concrete action plan for the first three months of the year.
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