pitching, growing & promoting! a sparkling creative workshop


pitching, growing & promoting! a sparkling creative workshop

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Growing your creative adventure into a sparkling creative business most definitely means that you'll have to get out of this little shell of yours and start promoting yourself.

If you haven't connected with at least 20 businesses, podcast, media outlets or thought leaders in your industry in the past month you need to get on this immediately.

I can't tell you how much the creative adventures of my clients changed since starting to pitch and promote. This is the sure way to grow and expand quickly.

However, figuring out when and where to start pitching can be quite challenging.


  • In this workshop you'll find out when to start pitching your creative work and your expertise.
  • How to figure who you should connect with and how to do the pitch.
  • I'll help you come up with places, businesses, and people you should connect with.
  • I'll be sharing the emails, letters, and folders I send out to pitch my creative adventures.
  • We'll make sure you cultivate a growth mindset and that you get over the fear of reaching out.
  • Pitching ideas and getting them accepted is just a numbers game, over time things will start to add up in your favor.
  • I'll be introducing you to tools that will help you create and manage your promotions.
  • You'll be designing systems that will help you pitch more place in less time.
  • Plus we'll make sure you have the right infrastructure set up to track and manage the growing amount of collaborations that surely are about to come your way.
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