online marketing! PRE RECORDED! a sparkling creative workshop


online marketing! PRE RECORDED! a sparkling creative workshop


Everybody talks about online marketing like it is the answer to all your problems.

Generating clients, increasing your income and building up an honest and robust relationship with your tribe.

When done right online marketing indeed can be all off those things and more. However when you don't know what exactly you're doing it can be an unbelievably big waste of time and effort.


You'll learn...


... why you should be using online marketing

... what online marketing is really about

... what the different elements are that go into online marketing

... why starting small isn't that bad at all

... how you can use it efficiently and time conscious

... how to automate and systematize your efforts


We'll make sure you get to know all the technical elements involved in online marketing, plus I'll help you create a plan for your online marketing management that works for you.

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All live workshops will be at 8pm CET (7pm BST, 11am PST). All pre-recorded workshops are available right away.

All workshops are going to be between two and three hours long, during our live recording you have time to ask questions if you can't be with us live you can submit your questions before the workshop or send them over after you've watched the recording via email.

You'll be receiving a workbook and the link to access our workshops a few days before it will take place.


If the training is already live and you're purchasing the recording, we'll make sure to give you access as soon as possible.

No worries directly after you signed up you'll receive a confirmation email.