money, money, money! a sparkling creative workshop


money, money, money! a sparkling creative workshop

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Just reading the word money, can trigger emotions in us.

It doesn't matter at which stage of your business you are there are always new challenges appearing around money.

We sometimes tend to avoid the topic and just go on working, doing our best to make more without taking a look at how we manage the financial side of things.

Are you struggling to manage your money? Are you avoiding opening your bills and taking inventory of your bank accounts? Do you know how much money goes in and out? How much you need to make a living? Is tax season making you nervous?

Then join me in this workshop where we take an inventory of your current financial situation. Don't worry you don't have to share your numbers or any details, but I'll guide you through the process. We'll get everything out on the table.

We'll make sure you know how to get your paperwork organized and into folders, so you and your CPA can manage things without having to go through the chaos. We'll make sure you create an overview of how much money you have, how much to save, how much to invest and how much to take out for yourself.

Mindset is a big part of making money and managing it, so we'll make sure you know how to overcome your current struggles.

Basically, at the end of the training, you have a clear plan on what to do how and when to get this financial mess of yours in order.

And in case you haven't yet started we'll get you up to speed, so you're at ease when it comes to your financials.

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