email marketing! PRE RECORDED! a sparkling creative workshop


email marketing! PRE RECORDED! a sparkling creative workshop


Email marketing might sound a bit old school to you, but let me tell you this is still where your money is. Socal media marketing might be what everybody is talking about. However, email marketing enables you to build a platform of your own, where nobody can go in and change up the algorithm and take away the tribe you worked so hard on building.


Email marketing is more than sending out an email every now and than; it honestly can be the way to build up a healthy relationship with your audience and give them what they want and need. So they grow into raving fans and money spending customers.


You'll learn...


  • ... what email marketing is about and why you should use it
  • ... what an email funnel is, how to set one up
  • ... how to find the right email service provider for your creative business
  • ... how you can use the technology to serve your needs, even when you a bit scared about every new tech tool you start using


This training is designed to get you well on your way with online marketing. You're not going to get the theoretical knowledge you'll never be going to use, but a step by step plan on how to set up your email marketing, so you have more time to be the creative you are, working away in your studio.

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All live workshops will be at 8pm CET (7pm BST, 11am PST). All pre-recorded workshops are available right away.

All workshops are going to be between two and three hours long, during our live recording you have time to ask questions if you can't be with us live you can submit your questions before the workshop or send them over after you've watched the recording via email.

You'll be receiving a workbook and the link to access our workshops a few days before it will take place.


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