craft shows! a sparkling creative workshop


craft shows! a sparkling creative workshop

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Craft shows as we all know are an easy way to sell your creative products, get known in your area and get to know your clients personally. Even though craft shows are always going to be work intensive, when done right they're a great way to sell, present yourself as a true professional and do some on ground market research.

However planning, preparing and doing one is a lot of work, at least when you want to make sure you cover all your bases, have enough products and have your booth look as professional as possible.


Let me take you on the craft show journey:


  • I'll be sharing all my little secrets with you, my checklists and set up plans, because lets me honest preparing for craft shows means to juggle a thousand different things you need to pack and prepare and without checklists, you probably forget half of them.
  • You'll learn about the booth set up, organizing your products behind the scenes, weather protection, lighting, packaging, presenting your work,.... and of course we make sure you not only know what goes into a craft show but also how you can systematize the process of getting ready so you won't have to start from scratch everytime you do one.


Because let's face it every hour you spend on preparing your craft show is time, you won't be able to spend in your studio creating.

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