business planning and organization! PRE RECORDED! a sparkling creative workshop


business planning and organization! PRE RECORDED! a sparkling creative workshop


As creatives we tend to fly by the seeds of our pants, just following our intuition at that very moment. Even though I genuinely believe that those qualities are what makes us creatives a different breed in the room of business owners, planning and organizing are just as important.

They can create the freedom to be our creative wild selfs while keeping things going and being a reliable, professional business, that earns the money you need.


You'll learn...

  • ... how you can put together your very own command central (a place where you pull together all the information, projects and data you need to run your business smoothly)

  • ... how you never drop the ball again

  • ... how digital and analog tools can help you stay in charge and control even when you dive back into your studio

  • ... how to set priorities and stick to them


You'll get to know what you want in business and live, so we can create a plan that takes you where you want to go and so you know what to do to get their.

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All live workshops will be at 8pm CET (7pm BST, 11am PST). All pre-recorded workshops are available right away.

All workshops are going to be between two and three hours long, during our live recording you have time to ask questions if you can't be with us live you can submit your questions before the workshop or send them over after you've watched the recording via email.

You'll be receiving a workbook and the link to access our workshops a few days before it will take place.

If the training is already live and you're purchasing the recording, we'll make sure to give you access as soon as possible.

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