Hey there fellow creative!

Are you able to make a living from your creative work?

No? Let me tell you, you’re not alone, a ton of creatives face this reality, they just can't seem to make a living from their creative passion.


When I talk to fellow creatives, no matter if they are a designer, artist, stylist, architect,..

the biggest struggles is always around making enough money.

Sometimes it seems like every creative is struggling.

Our society is supporting this feeling, with this big myth of the starving artist.


However I do believe, from the bottom of my heart, that it is possible for every creative to make a living from their passion.

Probably you already have built a website or online shop for your creative Business, but even though you have the online storefront still nothing is happening.

There is only little or even no money at all coming in.

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You have no clue how you can change that, or you have some ideas on how to do it, however you just don't know where you should start in order to turn things around.


Let me give you some hope here: your situation isn't out of the ordinary, most creatives face this situation at one point in their creative journey.

The good news? I believe you can make a shift and take charge of the destiny of your creative business.


And no, you won't need to change your creative work, your process or the core of your creative passion.


There are just a few things you need to do!   One of them is to add on some simple, but effective online marketing strategies!





Are you ready to learn how to turn your online marketing around and make it work for you?


Let me show you how, in my new online course `How to get paid as a creative!´  

Learn how to implement online marketing strategies in order to grow your creative business. In this course I will teach you the strategies my clients and I use in order to make a living from our creative work.


I’m here to help you set up everything for your online marketing! I would love to support you while you’re growing the creative business of your dreams!

So let me help you!

Join me! I would love to meet you inside!

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Introducing to you:

Our journey begins DATE. Early bird sign up ends DATE. 


Doors close DATE.


Choose the experience that fits your needs:

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Take it to the next level with the VIP experience:


You want more? More from me and more support?

A real kick in your butt, so you’re actually going to implement the new knowledge you gathered?


Then join me and the other VIP's for the full experience:



6 live Q'nA calls!

You will have one hour a week with me and the other VIP'S where I will answer all your questions and offer my personal feedback.

Each call will be recorded and added into the membership site. You can listen to them whenever you like


A guided experience!


You will have a six week long guided experience of the course.

Where you will get access to one module each week.

Plus you will be able to join in live the next time the doors of the course open for new VIP members. 

Two weeks of guided implementation!

And If you did the math, you recognized that there are only four modules, which means there are two more weeks for us together where I will help you to implement everything you have learned, in order to get you out of learning and into implementation.

An active community of fellow creatives!


You will become part of an active community of fellow creatives, who are on the same journey as you are, maybe even a few steps ahead of you.

You will be able to connect with them in our private VIP Facebook group and during the live Calls.


4 assignments, that kick your butt!


You'll get one assignment for each module that will help you stay on track and focus on the task at hand.

You'll get personal feedback from me on every assignment that you send me before the deadline!