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Yes, you are a creative superhero, you're the unicorn under the creatives.

You're not only confident in your creative work, knowing what you create and why you create it, but you also have a thing for planning and organization.

Your friends and family know you as someone always carrying your planner around with you, organizing your home and studio.
However, not all of your plans are coming to live, as the implementation is not your favorite. Sticking to your plans is a challenge. Not because you don't get things done, but because of the extrem plans your making in the first place.

Then when something challenging comes up in your business or personal life, you drop the ball, and it takes a bit until you resume following a plan. Most of the time you'll go in an create a new one.

Even though this sounds like a big thing, it's actually not, we just need to make sure you get over your perfectionism.

You're ambitious; you're dreaming big. That's awesome, but at the same time, only perfect execution is up to your standard, which means that when you can't do something perfect you won't do it at all.

Let's stop that! Realize that you'll never be able to do things perfectly. Good enough has to be good enough. Action taking and getting things done quickly is more important than doing everything a 100% perfect. You'll make mistakes anyways.

You're the special type of creative! You have the best of both worlds. The creative passion and the attention for planning and organization.

Let's get it to work for you instead of against you.

It's been a long journey for me too. Because yes I'm a creative superhero too.
For the longest time, I let my perfectionism and planning love hold back my creative business.

Now I follow some simple rules.

  • First I don't over plan. One goal, to do item per day is enough. I always add in buffer time and split huge projects over several days or even weeks.

  • I get clear on how 'good enough for now' looks like before I start working on a project. I always keep notes on what I would like to improve in the future, but I only do what I've agreed on is 'good enough for now', and then I publish it, share what I've created with the world and let it be good enough.

  • The last change I've made and you should make too is that I make sure to connect with my intuition on a daily basis. I only work from alignment because than I need less time, effort and energy to get things done. Even though this might sound not logical to you, sometimes it better to take a nap and get working after. Instead of hanging at the desk not being productive because you're just exhausted. Take good care of yourself, and you'll become more productive, consistent and happy.

I've collected some resources for you that might help you to get more into the action taking mode and out of your planning and dreaming stage.
You've got this. Just dive into the Podcast episodes, make some notes and take action on what you're discovering.

And keep in mind that you're the perfect type for running a creative business successfully, you've got it in you naturally.

I wish you a sparkling day,

Xxx, Kerstin



Podcast Episodes that might help you on this journey:


Get inspired by my conversation with Tiffany Pratt. 
Follow your inner sparkle, trust in yourself and believe that you can create the lifestyle your dreaming of.

Episode 31: Following your inner sparkle. With Tiffany Pratt.


What does it take to be a sparkling creative? Just having a glamorous looking glittering life or is their much more to it?

Episode 16: What it means to be sparkling creative.


This year might feel for you already like it started on the wrong foot, however, let's be honest there is enough time left to turn things around. I'll share with you exercises that will prepare you for a freaking remarkable year, and if things are already going pretty well, you might be able to make them even better. Let's get you started, no time to waste.

Episode 24: Getting ready to rock the year.


If your anything like me you tend to search for solutions for your business troubles in business strategies. And yes there could be a solution lying in them. However more often than not the answer lies within yourself. Most of the time we've not entirely committed to being successful on the inside, maybe because we're scared of failure, maybe because we're afraid of success. Find out what is holding you back.

Episode 38: The mindset and the Whoo whoo.


Isn't it the goals as a creative to spend as much time as possible in your studio? Working on the things that matter most to you, creating your beautiful artworks.
This might come as a surprise to you, but systems, organization, and routines will help you do just that. Creating them will take some time and energy. However, once they're in place, you'll gain back time and freedom to do what you love most. Let's get you started on your path to more studio time, freedom and brain space.

Episode 28: Systems, Organization und Routines.


Running a creative business can be lonely. Especially when your first starting out or you've just hit a new milestone growing it. Questions, problems, and challenges pop up everywhere you look and the people surrounding you in traditional jobs, give one weird and not so helpful advice after another. Then it's time to find you a coach or mentor to help you grow this creative adventure of your dreams.

Episode 18: Why you might need a Coach or Mentor.



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