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Podcast episodes that might help you on this journey:


Get inspired by my conversation with Tiffany Pratt. 
Follow your inner sparkle, trust in yourself and believe that you can create the lifestyle your dreaming of.

Episode 31: Following your inner sparkle. With tiffany Pratt.


What does it take to be a sparkling creative? Just having a glamorous looking glittering life or is their much more to it?

Episode 16: What it means to be a sparkling creative.


Creating a plan that helps you sell your creative work, is easier than you might think. Those fancy business words are making things more complicated than necessary. So let's dive into creating a marketing plan that you can implement, one that isn't relying on funds you might not have at the moment.

Episode 21: Creating a Marketing plan.


If your anything like me you tend to search for solutions for your business troubles in business strategies. And yes there could be a solution lying in them. However more often than not the answer lies within yourself. Most of the time we've not entirely committed to being successful on the inside, maybe because we're scared of failure, maybe because we're afraid of success. Find out what is holding you back.

Episode 38: The mindset and the Whoo Whoo.


Finding and keeping our focus is something we struggle all with from time to time. However, there are a few strategies that will help you choose a priority to bring you closer to what you desire to achieve. The secret lies in choosing just one priority, even though that's often easier said than done.

Episode 5: Finding and keeping your focus.


If you'll ask me what the one thing was that changed my business from making no money at all to one where I have to handle waitlists, it is entirely due to pitching and promoting. Doing just that and focusing on it brought many awesome clients into my life and business. However, it also helped me to change the perception I had of my business. It skyrocketed my confidence and helped me own my creative superpower.

Episode 25: Pitching, growing and promoting.



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