You are the solution,

the key element to bringing all your dreams and desires into reality.

There is no need for a prince on a white horse.

Just get off your fairytale tower, take off your perfect little dress and GET TO WORK.

If you want that freaking white horse you can go, get your own!

The question is are you ready to save yourself?

What's standing between you and your dreams isn't some weird business tool you need to learn, even though all those fancy marketeers want you to believe just that.

No between you and your dreams and desires stands just one thing and that is YOU.

I know it's weird, I know you might feel resistance to this idea, but let's be honest you are the only one who can change your life forever.


Once you truly accepted this and do the necessary mental work you'll be unstoppable.

Yes, you'll need to figure out some business strategies, but most importantly you need to be yourself unapologetically-

You might think, wait my situation is different, you'll be able to tell me what someone else did to you, the circumstances you're coming from, it's all different for you. All the reasons why you're not the one responsible.

However, I am sure I can point out several people that went through something similar and didn't let that situation stop them.

Owning the fact that you are responsible for all the good and bad things in your life will ultimately free you up.

It will give all your dreams and desires the chance to develop into reality. It will give you the opportunity to shape your future in whatever way you like.

Yes, it also means a huge responsibility, because there won't be anyone else but you to blame if things won't get actualized.

Kerstin Pressler. the sparkling creative.

It will mean you focus on taming your mean inner critic.

I'll be there with you supporting you on this journey.

Making sure you discover how strong and beautiful you truly are.

During the Mindset Intensive, you'll be getting that one on one attention that you're craving-

Working with me one on one is TRANSFORMATIONAL.

Together we'll be able to make MAGIC happen!

It's time to create the creative dream life you crave so much!

I can't wait to see you owning your power!

Are you ready?

Xx, Kerstin


What's included:

The actual mindset intensive session.

Two hours of intensive 1-1 time, where we'll be diving deep into all things mindset.

Your desires, dreams, struggles, resistance and all the things that are holding you back,...

Access to the MINDSET bundle.

Through utilizing the material I put together in this bundle you'll be able to work through your mindset challenges and keep yourself motivated, long after our session together.

Videos on the most common mindset challenges, journal prompts, affirmations, guided meditations and prayers are waiting for.

A 30-minute check-up call.

Nothing will change without you taking action after our call.

To see how things are going and help you overcome any challenges that came up after our initial session, we'll be reconnecting a few weeks later.