Your audience won't come beg you

One thing is sure: your audience won't come beg you to let them buy your creative work!

Or, at least, it is very unlikely!


That's why you need to offer it to them!


I like to plan out a designated promo month or weeks throughout the year. For example, you might want to promote your handmade soap pretty clearly during the Christmas time, but then after Christmas you might want to promote your products a little bit less. Then in the spring time you might want to jump back in, promoting your products.

You can also just pick periods in the year completely, unattached to seasons, if this concept isn't matching with the creative work you’re selling.

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But still, I always make sure to pick designated promotional month and weeks, where I'm all out promoting my work!


In those weeks..


I send more emails to my email list

I promote freebies that are connected to the creative work I'm selling

I'm using different online advertisements in order to drive traffic to my freebies,

I'll be talking on social media, my blog and everywhere you can think of about the product I'm selling!


All the content I'm sharing is connected to the products I'm promoting.

I'll offer special bonuses, coupon codes and other actions in order to get people to buy.


But then after a maximum of four weeks, I'll go back to writing one email a week, and stop talking about the products I'm offering. I will still talk about them every now and then and share my freebies but it’s a whole lot less.


My focus will go back to just being helpful to my audience.

Not that I am unhelpful during the promotional period, but I'm more focusing on content that is promoting my products versus the regular content that people love but that doesn’t sell my products!


After a promotional period, your audience will need a little bit of rest and a ton of nurturing.

You might want to think about offering them a sneak peek into your studio, a behind the scenes video series or something else that you don't do that often in order to reward them that they stayed with you throughout the promotional period.


One thing to note: some people might dislike it if you promote your products, but those people are probably not your ideal audience anyways. Your ideal audience understands that you’re a business and that you need to make money in order to keep on doing what you’re doing.

So don't forget that! Plus your ideal audience is interested in what you’re offering, even if they might not buy from you this time around.


So make sure to take out your yearly calendar and mark those promotional periods there!

Be sure to start writing about the topic or product your selling before you start promoting the sale.


What I mean by that is… three weeks before you start promoting a creative work or a suite of products to your audience, you might want to start talking about:


how you create the work

how you can take care of it

show photos of the process or something along those lines


So then, when you’re starting to actively promote it, they are already familiar with it and are more likely to be excited about it.


In between my promotional months I try to keep at least one month of no promos or selling. This doesn't work out every single time I'm promoting something, but most of the time I can plan it with some space in between, to give my audience a break.


This pause is not only good for my audience, but also for myself.

So be sure to also give yourself some space every now and then.

Promoting all the time and not promoting at all, are both scenarios you don't want to find yourself in!

Let me know how you approach promoting your creative work! Comment below!




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