You need some skin in the game

Let me tell you my little secret!


In the last years, my creative Business has steadily grown. I've pushed forward, but I also kept investing in tools, materials and most importantly knowledge.

Looking back, I can tell you that my business growth is absolutely related to the investments I made.

Only through investing in the right tools, materials and knowledge, I've been able to grow.

Figuring out everything on my own and doing everything by myself would have taken me forever. Quite possibly, I may have never figured it out or got it done.

the BIZ school for creatives, You need some skin in the game, Only trough investing in the right tools,materials and knowledge, I've been able to grow. read the full post at.

However, sometimes, when I look around me in the creative world, I see fellow creatives doing the things that didn't work out, over and over again. Because they just don't know what they could change.

I see creatives that are afraid to invest in their creative passion.

If they do invest, it is most likely into their creative development.

Even though in most cases that's not the place where they struggle.


Do you see yourself in this?

I know that I was one of those creatives at one point in my journey.

I had invested in my art education, I studied Fine Art at the University.

I tried to learn everything I needed to grow my creative Business out of books and via traditional education. Then I started my creative Business and I struggled. I participated in a few handmade markets, even though at the end of the day I lost money doing it.


But I did it over and over again because I thought, one day it might change. One day I might sell my work.

I tried to figure out the problem on my own, reading books and blogs, but I really had no idea what I could change, so nothing changed and I continued going to the markets.


Let me tell you it never changed, but one day, I did.


I finally said to myself: I need to get my creative business figured out or I might as well stop trying to do my art all together.

Right at that time I came across Marie Forleo. If you don't know her, you may want to check her out. She has an amazing youtube channel and is a business coach and mentor.

I learned about her online program B-School, and I still have no idea why, but I took the leap and invested in it. I have never spent so much money on anything. It was a more than 2000€ investment.


So much money for me! But I did it anyways.

I knew I needed to make this work. I was committed. I didn’t spend 2000€ just to let this ship sink anyways.

I now had some real skin in the game!!!


And I did it. I learned, I took action and I started to see results.

I transformed my whole business because of it.


The transformation didn't happen overnight. And more than two years later, I'm still busy getting to where I really want to be with my creative business, but I am already so much further along in the journey.


Since I joined B-School, I continued investing in my creative business.

And I must say with every investment I make, I see my business and myself grow and grow and grow. I don't invest in stuff I don't absolutely need and use! But I do invest.


I transformed my creative Business into the business I always dreamed about!


And I want this transformation for you too!


I know you might think something along the lines:


“I can't invest in my Business right now. I will do it when I make money.”


But let me tell you something that took me a really long time to understand:


You need to invest into your business first and then you will see the return!

You need to have some skin in the game in order to make things happen!


Yes, you need to think about every investment you make carefully. Whether it is absolutely necessary and what you must focus on right now, but you still need to invest.


You might need to do some bartending or other work in order to be able to invest in your creative business. But investing in your business is a non-negotiable.


Have you ever heard about someone that has an amazing business, that hasn't invested at all?


Probably not. Yes, they might have started by investing in smaller programs, courses or help, but they all did invest.

So stop trying to bootstrap everything together and get comfortable with the idea that you will have to spend some money in order to make money.


Think about what you would invest in when you reach your first big milestone.

What would you like to learn? Who would help you out? Which programs would you need?


And then think about how you can make those things happen now!


Please let me know about your experiences with investing in your creative Business!

I would love to know. What is your next big investment?


I just invested a few thousand Euro into a coaching program. I'm just a few days in and I already see my business and my life transform.

I would love to hear from you!




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