Welcome to my new homepage and blog!

Welcome to my new blog and homepage!

I'm so exited to finally share with you what I've been working on for the last months.

So here we go, so much changed on my page.

Obviously the design!

I invested in a great designer for my logo design and branding. But before I committed to the right designer, Rachel from Miss Poppy Design, I first had to kiss the wrong frog.

I made the mistake to hire an inexperienced cheap designer. She was really nice, but I wasn't pleased by the results. Actually I was a little disappointed and sad because I spent that money. 

After this disaster I went on and searched a long time! I wanted someone that understands my taste and needs, for a price that I could afford. 

So if your think about hiring someone to help you create a beautiful branding and a professional design, don't go for the cheapest solution if your gut feeling is telling you otherwise. If you have a weird feeling about a designer, it is probably not the right one for you! Even if it's the cheapest solution. It will be the more expensive one on the long run.

Now I am really happy to share my new logo with everybody! Rachel did a great job and I'm really pleased with the result!


Tomorrow there will be a post on the blog about branding. How to create a strong branding for your creative BIZ, without a big budget and without selling your soul.

So if you're interested, come back tomorrow!


For today I want to give a you bit more information about the changes on my homepage and in my Business.

I started my BIZ in 2013, it seems so long ago now, because all the things that happened since then. Back then I just wanted to help other creatives, sell my art and earn some money on the side to pay the bills.

I wanted to create a sustainable business, but I really had no idea how to achieve that.


My old studio in Eindhoven!

After trying a lot of stuff and learning a ton about having my own business, I am now ready to upgrade my creative adventure.

I've split my homepage in two major sections, fine art and the BIZ school for creatives.

The fine art section is al about my art practice. I've changed al the copies and images I had on my previous page. I've also added a new offering to my fine art repertoire.


I'm now offering commission artworks.

So from now on, if you are interested in buying one of my artworks, but you want something even more special, or you have special requests for your artwork, like a custom sizes, colors,... , you will be able to get what you want! Without even leaving my homepage.

I'm so excited to finally offer this service!

In a few weeks I will add another offering to my repertoire, but for now I won't tell more about that. Let me know what you think it is in the comments below and don't forget to sign up to be the first to know what is going to happen!



Next to the fine art section I create a whole new part of my homepage, THE BIZ SCHOOL FOR CREATIVES.


The BIZ school is all about helping you start and grow your creative BIZ. So you're able to create a sustainable business around your creative passion, without selling your soul!

From now on there will be three ways for you to work with me through free content, through my online courses and workshops and through personal coaching.

You'll find a ton of free information on my blog, my social media channels and my newsletter.

Because I want to help as many creatives as possible!

I want to support you when you starting small and grow big and make sure that the BIZ school is the right partner on your side to grow your creative adventure. 

If you are ready to dive deep into your business, my coaching programs and workshops will help you do that. Right now I'm still working on the Workshop schedule, but I will release the schedule on 29th of September 2015.



The third way of working with me will be through personal coaching.

I will analyze your business and help you focus to build a solid foundation for your business. I will help you develop strategies to upgrade your business to the next level and support you with the knowledge you need to do so.

Check out al the different ways you can work with me and don't forget to sign up here to receive business insights and business advice that I'm only sharing via email.


And if you are interested in what I am going to write about in this blog, here you go:

I will write about all the things you will have to deal with as a creative entrepreneur, from how to get started, to marketing that actually works for creative business, strategies, inspiration, interviews with artists and other creatives about their business, tips and tricks, business resources I am recommending, how to actually earn money with your creative work without selling your soul, how to create a life that you want beside your thriving business, I will tell you about the mistakes I've made and the successes I've had.

You will get a behind the scenes look into my art practice, how I'm creating my pieces, creative tips and much much more.



My beautiful style guide!!!!


Tomorrow I will dive right in and share with you how you can get amazing branding on a tight budget!





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