The heart of your creative business online!

Your email list is the heart of your creative business online!

This sounds pretty simple, however in order to capture names and email addresses you need to have a few tools in place.

Plus you will need to offer interested people more than just sending them more emails in order to get them to join your list.

Most people receive a ton of emails on a daily basis, which means they don't want to get more emails just to get more emails…maybe you can relate to this situation. I certainly do! ;)

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However when you’re offering them something they really want, then they will behappy to join your list.

So what could you offer them to get them to join your list?

You could give them a little gift. A digital product that they really love and which is in line with the creative product your offering. Such a gift is called a freebie in the online marketing world.

Let me explain what a freebie could be for you.

As an artist, you could create a free printable from one of your works or you could create a monthly calendar with an image of your work.

If you’re a graphic designer you could put together a guide on how people can prepare themsevels before working on a logo or other project with a designer.


I hope this helps you get the idea!


Now let's pretend you already have your first freebie ready to go!

With the freebie, people have a great reason to join your list…but how can people sign up for your list on your website?

You need to have an opt-in form! You can create this type of form with a ton of different tools, like squarespace, convertkit, or leadpages.


The opt-in-form is a form where people can fill in their name + email address in order to sign up to your email list.


Now you need to have a place where the email addresses are stored.

Therefore you need an email service provider.


An email service provider can do a ton of different things for you, but the basics are:


saving the email addresses of people that sign up

organizing them into different interest groups

it allows you to send emails, to your subscribers.


So that's the system you need to have in order to be able to grow your email list.

If you have any questions, please comment below! I would love to help!




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