the art talk!!

We all know it!


Talking about your art, how you create it, why you do what you do and how you do it, can be really hard.

We all try to use the right words. To make a good impression and to say what we really mean to say.

But even with a good preparation, it can be really hard. 

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There are a ton of documentaries and interviews out there with artist like Picasso, designers like Coco Channel,... but let's be honest, without being one of those all-time stars of the creative field, it's pretty hard to use them as an example on how they talked about their crafts.


That's why I love to listen to creatives that are really successful, but not (yet) one of those creative super heroes. I love to hear where they get their inspiration from and what their vision is.


That's why I started to listen to 'the art for your ear' Podcast from the Jealous Curator.

Listening to the Podcast empowers me to talk about my art in my own way.

Every artist on the Podcast talks about art and creating so differently, that I feel like I have the permission to express and be myself, when it comes to talking about my art.


So If you also need some help in that department checkout 'the art for your ear' Podcast!





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