spring cleaning

Hi lovely!

I don't know where the need of cleaning up comes from right now. But I am in spring cleaning mood.


I feel the need to clean up, finish up projects and reorganize my studio and actually my whole home. I didn't have this feeling that strong for a while now.

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But I know all the clutter and disorganization is weighing me down. It is eating up energy and my concentration is bad because of it.

I know there are a lot of smart people out there that say an organized home means an organized mind.

So today I just wanted to invite you to do the same!


Get rid of junk, get rid of everything broken or repair it. Clean your studio and home.

Organize the stuff you have and rearrange your furniture.

Get everything ready, so you can do your best work!


Lot's of fun cleaning up your mess!! :)






If you’re searching for the right soundtrack to clean up on, check out Selah Sue, I just can't get enough of her music right now!


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