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What's Periscope? Should I start using Periscope?


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Periscope is a live streaming app.

This means people go on Periscope, put on the camera and film themselves and their surroundings.

People can join those live streams and leave comments in a chat bar. The person streaming can answer questions of the viewers.

The Scope will be available for replay for 24 hours, after that it is gone forever, unless you’ve saved the recording to you phone or on katch.me.

Periscope is a mobile app, so you will need to have a smartphone in order to broadcast yourself.


A lot of people are using Periscope for business purposes. This sounds boring, but you can find people that are teaching what you want to learn and learn from them live.

There are also a few artists and creatives that are taking the viewers live with them into their studios and show you what they are working on right now.


If you haven't tried out Periscope I would definitely recommend to start watching other people’s scopes. This will help you get to know the platform better, and you will also start to build connections with other scopers.

Live streaming yourself is something completely different than just hopping on other people’s scopes and chat with them. You will need to try it in order to find out if it is something for you.

I think Periscope is great not only to build up an audience in a relative short amount of time, but also to get to know yourself better. In the beginning it is really hard to talk to your phone. So it will take some time to get used to.


When you think you want to tryout Periscope, make a plan about what you are going to do and say during your scope. Make some notes!

Then go to a quiet place, make sure you have a good internet connection, decent lighting and check yourself in the mirror before starting.


The first time you hop on it will be weird, something will go wrong, but after you understood how the app works it will get so much easier.

The first time I scoped, I was so shocked to see my own face on my phone! I dropped my phone into a paint bucked and the broadcast ended abruptly without me even saying a word.

Not so cool!


Because something will go wrong eventually, it is good to know that you can delete your broadcasts directly afterwards if you want to.

Just keep practicing and after about 10 times you will get much more comfortable and start to relax.

I think the app is giving you a major chance to build up and audience quick and easily.

You will only need to invest some time. You don't need a lot more than your phone and a space with internet connection to start.

It is such a great possibility to take people into your studio, teach them what you know and show them your personality.

It is also a great place to grow your email list!


People like to see the person behind a creative BIZ and enjoying your scope will get them interested even more.

Tell at least twice in every scope who you are, what you do and where people can sign up for your newsletter or find your homepage.

Don't be afraid to give away insights for free, people will want to get more when they like what they see.


So there you have it!

I hope you got some insights into what Periscope is and what you could do with it.

Of course this is just scratching the surface, but the best way to experience Periscope is to hop on and check it out anyways.

So go on Periscope and checkout my scopes!

You can find me @KerstinPressler.


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