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The question of today is:

What do I need to have on my homepage?


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Creating a homepage is important for every creative!

Sometimes we all tend to make it more complicated than it is. A simple homepage, clean and easy to navigate, combined with little personal touches like your brand colors, a logo and your personal font will make a perfect homepage for a creative.

When putting your homepage together there are a few pages you absolutely need to have!

And some that get your homepage to a more professional level and which will help build up a strong business!

In the beginning it makes sense to concentrate on the more important basics and then add more and more complexity to the page over time.


So let's talk about the pages you absolutely need to have!:


About page:

This page is the most important one of your homepage. Research shows that it is the most visited page, so do your best and create a killer about page. Tell people what you’re doing, who you are and show your personality!



In many countries a disclosure is obligated. So check the laws in your


I recommend giving the visitor information about yourself

anyways, but check if you need to share certain information.


Privacy policy:

The privacy policy is where you let people know what kind of data you

are collecting and where you’re going to use it for. (You could think

about collecting email addresses, using google-analytics,...)

In some countries you are required to have a privacy policy, reachable with one click.

I think you should have them anyway, because they show your clients that you’re trustworthy.



Collection of your best works.

A portfolio may not be necessary for every creative, but either way you want to display your products.

So when you’re not a designer, stylist or artist, you will still need to create a page for your creative products.

Nobody can smell what you sell, so tell them!



A CV is a document where you showcase your development as an artist.

It should contain the following: Age, education, exhibition (solo+

group), publications, cooperation’s with companies, prizes you’ve


This is an absolute must for every fine artists!



Make it easier for customers to contact you!

So place your contact information and make it easy to find on your page.

At least an email address, you could also consider having a contact form on your page.



Information about how people can actually work with you:

Be upfront! Let people know what you can do for them!

Create a page or several pages for everything you’re offering.

Make it as clear and easy to understand as possible. Having a Portfolio doesn't mean that people can buy your works so let them know!



The opt-in is the window where a customer can drop their email address in order to receive an e-mail newsletter.

This is such an important part of your business and I would recommend starting to collect address right away when starting your creative BIZ.

Building up an email list is the heart of every online business, so don't neglect it!


Optional pages you can think off:


I recommend having a blog!! Show the world what you’re doing, how

you do it and who you are.

The blog is also the basis for a lot of social media efforts.

A blog is a big commitment, when it's not updated regularly people might wonder if you’re still in business.

So when you start a blog, blog regularly and stick to your routine.



The policy is where you let your clients know how to do business with

you. Which rights and responsibilities they and you have. You can get

inspiration by other businesses. You should definitely have one and

you should have them checked by a lawyer in your country.


Online shop:

A shop could be the right think for you, if you’re an artist, designer,

stylist,.. Think about it!

It is really easy to set up nowadays even without

a lot of technical knowledge and it’s also not that expensive.

You could also link an Etsy shop to your homepage. That is what I choose for!

Read my previous answer if you’re considering opening an online shop! (LINK)


Links to social Media:

If you use social media for business purposes let the visitors of your homepage know!

If they like what they see on your page, people like to get even more on you social media channels.


So there you have it! I hope you ‘ll benefit from this list.

Off course there are a thousand pages you could add to your homepage, but don't make it too complicated especially in the beginning!

Start with the basics and then see what you will need from there.

Building a homepage can be done quickly, but to be honest with you, your very first page will probably suck! You will change it again and again. It will take time to get it finally to a level you will be happy with.

However don't make that stop you. Just create your homepage and get it out in the world.

Make it better and better as you go! 

If you have any questions, please let me know! at: info@kerstinpressler.com

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