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let's get started with todays question!:

The question of Today is:

How can I streamline all the maintaining activities in my business more efficiently?
Hereby I mean keeping my homepage updated, designing flyers for workshops, maintaining my social media profiles?


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The Q’n A of the day comes from Marlene Meijer - van Niekerk,

You can find her on Instagram: @art_by_marlene,
Marlene's Homepage!

So Marlene,

first I want to answer your question regarding maintaining your social media channels!
I know posting on social media again and again can be a pain in the ** ;)

The first thing about social media is to think about which platforms you’re trying to be active on. Are you trying to maintain three different platforms multiple times per day?
If you do that you should definitely think about which platform it is that you’re most successful on! Focus on this platform. If you think you need to add another one into the mix, choose just one and be clear about which one is your main focus!

After you’ve found out which platform is your main focus I want you to try bulking your social media activities! Prepare all the updates for one whole week in advance at one day.
This saves you from interrupting your daily workflow with creating a pretty image or writing that compelling text to post on social media.
It also helps to see what your activities are for the whole week and where you may want to add in some promotional posts, to get more people into your online shop, to your homepage and to grow your email list!

Now let's talk about tools you could use!
There are a ton of different tools out there you could use. But you should concentrate on finding the right one for your needs.

If you’re main focus is Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter, I can recommend to try ‘meet edgar’
This is a social media management tool that helps you schedule and reschedule your posts.

If your main focus is on Instagram there are some tools you can use as well, although due the guidelines of Instagram it is not allowed to post automatically. My suggestion for this is the following:
You can type out the posts for the weeks in advance on your computer, with all the # you’re going to use and then mail them to your phone. For each post I put the images of the week in one map on Dropbox. I turn on an alarm on my phone when it's time to post again and then just copy paste the post in seconds into Instagram and post it.

I know posting on Instagram is a bit more work then on Facebook, but you can also streamline it so you’re not spending 30 min on your phone every time you need to post.

Important to note is still after scheduling your post you will have to be personally active on your social media channels. Answer posts, engage,...,
So make it a habit to do those things on a fixed time at the day for 30 min. Don't interrupt your day to engage on social media all the time! This will consume a lot of time. Set a limit for yourself on the time that you want to spend per day on social media.

Now let's talk about all the other little time consuming activities we have to do in our business.
Sometimes as a creative we think hiring help is just for those real business, but I can tell you if you want to make your creative passion a real profitable business you might need to hire someone to do all the little things you don't actually need to do yourself. Think about what someone else could do for you with the proper instructions from you.
Maybe posting your blog post, adding them into a scheduling tool, adding new products to your shop, answering a part of the questions from your clients, or scheduling meetings with your clients could be things someone else could handle for you. Even if you’re not quite there to hire someone, think about it! Do you think you can grow without someone helping you in your business? There are so many different ways to add help to your business, think about a Virtual Assistance, someone to help you with just that one big project your working on, a family member that could help you out for a while, hire an accountant to do your bookkeeping,...

The last thing I want to add to this is think about all the activities, why are you doing them? Is it something you really need to do? Is your business breaking down without it? Is it helping you to get closer to your main goals?

If it is nothing like doing your taxes, getting more clients and serving your clients, it may be something you don't actually need to do at all, think about it.

So there you have it!

Thanks a lot Marlene for submitting your question! 

I hope you will get some new ideas from it!

If you or someone else has any questions, please let me know! at: info@kerstinpressler.com

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