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The question of today is:

What do I need to think of paying when starting out my creative BIZ?
What do I need to save money for to cover the costs?


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This is such an individual question.

It depends on what kind of creative practice you have.

There are a few things everybody should think of, but there are really specific costs depending on your niche.

Therefor I would recommend to talk to someone doing the same thing or something similar as what you’re planning to do.

However, when starting your creative adventure, you can be certain that you will have to spend money in order to earn money.

I know there are a lot of places out there which will tell you that you can start a successful business with no money at all.

There may be a few case where this is true, but in most cases you will have to invest in certain things before you make 1$.

So let's face it!


Let's start with all the things you will have to pay or buy:

  1. an accountant and a lawyer

  2. fees you will need to pay in order to start your business

  3. costs around your homepage (hosting, building the page, designing it,..)

  4. costs around your branding (designer that creates your branding, printing your business cards,...)

  5. Marketing costs (a newsletter service provider like mailchimp, leadpages,flyers, advertisement like fb ads..)

  6. Studio rent (+ money to cover all the other expenses coming with a studio)

  7. Materials you will need to create your works (don't forget about equipment you will need to have, like a printer, computer, a DSLR,...)

  8. Internet

  9. in some cases you will need to hire help

  10. Courses, books and other learning material (you will need to learn a ton! And it is impossible to figure out everything on your own!)

  11. in some cases you will need money in order to be part of a fair or other event

  12. In cases you’re going to ship products you need to buy packaging


I know you have some freedom in deciding on how expensive everything is going to be, but in order to make your business successful you don't want to save on everything. So think good about your choices.

When the money is gone it's gone!

There are some things that you can do with the help of friends, for some things you will be able to find someone that isn't that expensive and some things you will be able to pull of yourself.

Always keep in mind, you want to make a professional look from the get go. So don't be too cheap.

Time is also money and with some things it can be smarter to invest in the right help or tools right away.

This will save time for more important stuff that will actually help you grow your business.

If you have any questions, please let me know! at: info@kerstinpressler.com


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