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The question of today is:

How do I grow an audience on Social Media? What Platform should I use?


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This is a pretty complex question.

But let's start with how to choose the right platform to use. First let me tell you we all think we need to be on every platform, so that we’re not going to miss out at any opportunity.

But the truth is we need to choose one main platform and maybe a second that compliments the first. Don't stretch yourself to thin by trying to be active on every platform, start to rock one and then branch out. It is not humanly possible to rock all the platforms at once and not neglect your creative practice.

So choose one and stick with it!


You will see results after a while. But therefore you need to work on growing that channel consistently. Doing it once in a while and then disappear won’t get you anywhere. So stick to a routine and you will get the results.


Now let's talk about how to choose the right platform for your goals. I think for a visual creative there are just a few platforms that are really interesting. Those are Facebook, Instagram, Periscope and maybe Pinterest. So get to know those platforms and see which one you like to use best.

Think about who your ideal customer is. Try to find out where they hang out. Then base your decision on which platforms you like to use and which ones are used by your audience.

After you’ve made a decision on which platform is your focus start creating a plan on what you’re going to post about, how often and in what frequency.

Prepare your posts in advance and start posting!


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