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How can I protect my art in the online sphere?

The Q’n A of the day comes from Katie Robert, ladiekatie.com on Instagram @ladiekatieart


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Dear Katie,

We all think about what is going to happen if someone is stealing our images, ideas, programs,... In the internet this is a real threat. We can do some things to protect our intellectual property and our images, but there is no way we can protect our property completely.

But at least there are a few things you can do to make it harder for anyone trying to steal your images and intellectual property.

The first thing you should do is put a little note in the footer of each page of your homepage where you make clear that you are the owner of all rights! This is such a little thing, but it could remind people to think twice using your content and images. Remind people in your terms of service, too!

If you give away free e-books, images or other digital files, make sure to have a little note on every page that you own the rights. Take a look at how bigger companies from your country handle things.

(Don't compare your materials with a fortune 500 company. There may be some companies in your particular field which are a bit bigger which you could use as inspiration)


If you want to go all out, you can protect your ideas, images and intellectual properties in your country or the whole world. This would mean you would need to get a trademark or other legal protection. To be honest, I have no experience with that. So if you’re considering such a big step, talk to a specialist lawyer and take a look at what others do. 

Let's focus on the little but more effective steps we can take as creatives.

To protect your images it is very important that you do not put large image files on your homepage. Make them small, scale down the resolution. This ensures people cannot print your images in high quality, this will make them unable to sell them to anyone else.

Sometimes it can be hard to find the sweet spot for this. You want your images to look good! So don't make them too small. Experiment with it a little bit. Find out what the recommended size of a picture is for the usage you have in mind (are you using the image on Facebook,...there are ideal sizes for every platform). This will give you a clue on where to start at with your experiments.

You could add a watermark or a link to your page to your photos. I personally don't like it, because I think the esthetics of an images is getting disturbed, but if you’re a photographer you might want to consider it. If you want to know why someone is or isn't using the one or the other just ask them. Most creatives will be happy to help you out.

So there you have it!

From my experience that's about it what you can do to protect your works. I know it seems a little bit insufficient, but keep in mind; even if someone is sharing your images, they cannot copy you, your personality or your style.

You will always have more ideas for the future! So don't be afraid about sharing them!

Make sure to always say that you own the rights and add your logo and url to all the content you’re putting out there.

But always keep on going!

Thanks a lot Katie for submitting your question! 

I hope this answer is helping you. I know you have a background in law so you might now more about how to protect your intellectual property by law.

But those are the things I do as an artist to protect me in real life.

If you or someone else has any questions, please let me know! at: info@kerstinpressler.com

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