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The question of Today is:

Do you have any tips about packaging your artworks for shipments?


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This is a hard one, because it is so different for each type of artwork or product.

Therefor I just want to share a few general tips about packaging with you.


Your customer should see and feel that you took care of their 'product'! Opening up a package should be like opening a gift.

It should be exiting, pleasing to the eye and you should sense that you have something special at hand. So make sure to package every shipment like a present. For me this means the package should be as pretty as possible.

(Keep in mind that the packaging is matching your overall style!!!)



Add a personal touch to every shipment.

For me this means handwriting a thank you note and adding a business card.

In the future I’ll probably add more things, like a guide on how you can make sure the original you bought will stay in a good condition.

Think about what you’re selling and what kind of questions your customer will probably have when using it.

One example to get you thinking:

When you’re selling handmade stuffed animals, your customers probably will want to know how they can wash it without damaging it. So make sure to let them know how!



The most important thing though is that you make sure your 'product' is going to be safe during its journey.

Think about everything that could happen to your shipment.

Make sure to protect it against water. I'm not a big fan of plastic follies, but it prevents paper from getting wet, so I use it.

What is going to happen when your 'product' is getting bend, or turned upside down,

What can you do to prevent that?

If you want to get an idea on how to protect your 'products' just google packaging material and you will see tons of different ways to protect your creative work from damages of any kind.

Some of the materials you can imitate yourself with a little creativity.

For me newspapers are an essential part of my creative practice, so when it comes to packaging my artworks, I use shredded newspapers as a filler.

That's cheap and matches my identity as an artist.



After you had a few shipments you will learn what you will need to improve during the shipment process.

One thing for sure will be making sure you’re not spending all your time on packaging.

After you receive a solid amount of orders regularly, it is going to be time to look at tools and services that will save time and help you getting your shipments ready.

This may mean finding out how to print the address labels and develop a process on how you can handle shipments quick and easily.


Think about how you can store your works, so you can find the right artwork or 'product' quickly after a purchase.

You also may want to hire a helper for a few hours a week or during the busy season.



When you start getting more and more orders, think about how you can save money on packaging materials.

Do you have the possibility to buy materials in bulk? This could be a real money saver!

Checkout some professional packaging material suppliers and see what they can do for you!



One last thing!

When you come up with the shipment prices you should keep the following costs in mind.

* Packaging material costs (boxes, filling materials, thank you cards,...)

* Time you need to spend on each order to process it (finding the right piece, wrapping it up, bringing it to the post office,..)

* The money you will need to spend in the post office

* For original artworks or more expensive products a shipment insurance is definitely a good idea



So there you have it!

I hope those general tips will help you find out how to handle shipments.

Shipping products is a fairly individual process, a specially when your making sculptures or other hard to package creative works, so make sure to search for help figuring it all out!

Ask people that ship similar creative products how they handle it!

If you have any questions, please let me know! at: info@kerstinpressler.com

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