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What would be the best platform to use to make the $$$ role in ??

The Q’n A of the day comes from Juliette Wells.


If you’re an artist, designer, stylist, creator,... and have a question about how to start and grow your creative BIZ, send me your question and I would love to answer it!

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Hi Juliette,


Thanks a lot for submitting your question!

Let's dive right into your question. This is a hard one and being honest there is not a single solution for everybody. Having said that there might be some ideas that will help you figure out the right fit for you.

First you need to get clear on who you are. What are you creating? Why are you creating it? What makes your style different from everybody else’s? What is the quality of your work compared with someone else? What does it make special?

Then think about who your ideal audience is. Who do you want to serve? Why should they choose you? Then find out where your audience is buying similar artworks. Where do they get their inspiration from? What makes them happy? Think about customer service, what are they searching for?

After you did your research those questions should be easy to answer for you. Don't get scared if you have no idea yet. Take your time and search for the answers. After you have your answers, the choice for the right social media Platforms to use, the right sales platform and the right style for your homepage, will be easier.

If you found a fellow creative serving a similar audience ask them why they choose for the platforms they’re using and if they have any tips for you. This might help you make your choices on some industry insights.

One thing is for sure, you need to start thinking of your creative practice as a business not as a hobby! Try out making your choice based on research and knowledge and less on emotions. This doesn't mean your gut feeling isn't important, but your gut will make better choice with more knowledge and research.

Use a business account in Facebook and Pinterest (this will make you look more professional, and make sure you’re not violating the guidelines). Make sure to say in your profiles that you’re a professional from the creative field not just a hobbyist (nothing wrong with starting out from a hobby, but I guess if your here, you actually want to make a creative business from your passion). Name your homepage, what you’re doing and your business name, on every single platform your using!

One thing every creative should have is a Homepage. You need a home base on the internet. A place where people can find samples of your work quick and easy. A place where you let them know, where your shop is, where they can follow you on social media and most importantly on how to contact you.

Make sure to make clear on how they can work with you! They can't know that you’re actually selling something when you’re not telling them!


So there you have it!


Thanks a lot Juliette for submitting your question! 

I hope you will get some new ideas from it!

If you or someone else has any questions, please let me know! at: info@kerstinpressler.com

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