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The question of today is:

How do you keep going every day? Moving your creative practice and BIZ forward?


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the BIZ-school for creatives Q 'N A, Question of the day: 'How do you keep going every day? Moving your creative practice and BIZ forward?' Read the full answer at www.kerstinpressler.com

I love making plans! They help me to move my business forward.
That doesn't mean I stick strictly to the plan, but it helps me to plan at least three months ahead.

I try to plan a whole year roughly, but that plan is changing all the time!

When planning out the following three months, I think about the big goals I want to achieve that year.

Break those yearly goals down into three months goals, then monthly and then weekly goals.

I try to break down a big goal like re-launching my homepage into smaller chunks. That way I end up with tasks that I can complete within one week or even a day.

Checking in with my big vision helps me stay on track. Because we all know that as creatives we tend to have a ton of ideas.

I love having ideas for my artwork, but keeping a business up and running around my creative practice is hard when I change plans every 5 minutes.


Therefor I think the key is to think about your big vision, write that vision down and then follow through. Don't be afraid, you can adjust your big vision over time, it is not a commitment for life.

But you will need to know where you want to go in order to get there.

Your big vision doesn't have to be a “save to reach” goal.

I would like you to dream big!

It doesn't have to be something you can achieve on a short term. It may be a goal you might achieve after years of work. That's completely fine!


After you have your big goal, think about what the first step would be in order to get there. Make this first step your goal.
Break the first step down in even smaller steps until you have weekly and daily goals you can actually achieve.

Then start writing a three months plan.

Write down everything you will need to do in those three months. Be realistic about it!

Always plan twice as much time as you think something will take.

Trust me on that, everything will take longer! Then plan out the tasks for every week.

Now start following your plan. Don't be afraid if you don't stick to the plan for a day! The most important thing is that you go back working on it, even if you stopped working on your goal for a few days.

Nothing is lost unless you stop working on it completely!

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