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The question of today is:

How do you deal with people that don't believe in you?


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I still remember the day that I decided to go and study find art. I thought it was the best idea ever!

I talked to my dad about it, I thought he would be excited about my choice. But he really wasn't.

He told me that this was a quick idea and that he didn't think that I had what it takes to get into art school. This was such a pain for me, my dad telling me that he doesn’t believing in me was really hard. But after talking to my dad I had two choices, give up or try to proof him wrong.

I decided that I just had to proof him wrong. And make the doubts in mind shut up.

I didn't show my doubts and fears back then, because I knew that that is only fuel for the other doubters around. But I was scared. A lot!

So I started working on a portfolio, it took me one year to get my portfolio ready.

Then I applied to the first art school on my list. After seeing my portfolio they told me that I am not ready yet. They would like me to come back later, after I did something else.

They thought I was too young and inexperienced.


But at least one professor called me in and talked to me about my works.

He saw something in me even though he didn't want me to start art school right away.


I felt a bit crushed after this failed application, but it also gave me energy, because they didn't hate my work.

So I went and applied to more art schools and at the end of the year when the semester started I was in.

I had found an art school that accepted me as their student. In fact there where even three schools that accepted me.


Looking back at that year I know, without the doubts of my dad and other people around me I would have never made it. Because of their doubts I worked hard, because of the doubts I had even more willpower.

I just wanted to study art so badly, I just had to get in.

Proofing them all wrong was just a little thing that pushed me a bit further.

I know doing stuff only because someone isn't believing in you is not a good idea. But when you know that you want something really bad, and people tell you that you can't, go and use their disbelieve as a motivation.

Let it make you work even harder!


Until a few weeks ago I thought I was the only person that gets a lot of energy out of disbelievers and doubts, but then I found a little video Marie Forleo about this topic.

I found myself in her words. So if you want to hear another story, how someone is using disbelieve and turn it into energy that makes you go and achieve your dreams listen to Maries video.

So there you have it!

I hope my answer inspires you to take action!

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something, do your best and see where you can get with it!



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