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The question of today is:

How can I get people to buy my work? 


If you’re an artist, designer, stylist, creator,... and have a question about how to start and grow your creative BIZ, send me your question and I would love to answer it!

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First thing first, do people know your selling anything?

Do you have an online shop, do you have a section on your homepage named ‘work with me’, do you showcase your portfolio?

If not, start creating those opportunities. If your potential clients don't even know your selling anything, you will never sell anything!


After creating those opportunities, you need to think about different ways to get people into your shop and onto your email newsletter.

Those are the two places where you can sell best. You might think a email newsletter is a lot of work and not that important, but let me tell you I’ve just started to grow my email list and already I start to see some traction there.

Now let's talk about marketing channels that you can use for free.

Start building up a presence on Social Media, don't try to be everywhere, choose one or two and focus there.

The key to success is consistent content!

Take a look at successful creatives on the social media platform you chose, what are they doing?

How often are they posting?


After building up your presence on a social media platform you might need to think about creating possibilities to get onto other peoples blogs, podcasts, taste makers social media channels…. with your work.

Pitch yourself and your 'products' as often as possible to those kinds of people.

Don't go for the super stars in the scene, but try to start with someone on your level or slightly above you.

You will need to build up your way to the top, there is no short cut.


Another important thing is to grow your email list. Try to use every opportunity to get people on your email list.

Use free little gifts to get people on your list.

Hereby I mean something like giving away a free digital calendar with your artwork on it,...

Be creative and think about what your ideal client might need to know before working with you or what they might enjoy getting.

Take a look at what other people do to get ideas.

With those free little gifts at hand you might even consider using Facebook ads or other advertising to get people’s attention. But before you jump right into advertising, build up those free channels first and then start learning more about advertising.

When you start doing Fb advertising don't jump right into creating ads, take your time and invest in learning how to work with them first.

I recently started to use Fb advertising and I see great results already. Yes I'm still improving my ads.

I'm still trying out new give aways. But there are a lot of people joining my list only through the Fb ads. So if you’re ready, Fb advertising might be something to consider for your creative BIZ.

Always keep in mind that it takes time to get a creative BIZ started. You will have to work hard to get it up and running. There will be bumps in the road so keep on going and try to learn from what other successful people are doing.

I'm still doing the same and it really helps getting things going.


If you have any questions, please let me know! at: info@kerstinpressler.com

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