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What is a CV and what do I need to put in the CV?


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A CV is sort of a résumé, but only for your achievements in the art field.

You don't have to add a job at a local supermarket, unless it is important for your art.


So there are a few categories that you could have on your CV:


Your age

where you’re born



Solo exhibitions

Group exhibitions



Books, catalogs and magazines


Public commissions

Collections that you’re in (public collections only)

Studio assistance and intern ships (only if there are relevant)


However I listed all those things, especially in the beginning you won't have something to put in every category!

Don't worry about that! You will be able to add more and more after some time.

At some point you will even have to edit your CV, so it's not getting too long.

I would recommend you create one CV that is a sort of a logbook. Add everything you do.

So you won't forget anything you did.

Then take the all including list and make it matching with the purpose you’re going to use it for.

With everything you’re going to list on your CV make sure you name the most recent activities first, then list everything else backwards.

Name the year first and after that other information.


For some purposes you might arrange the different categories in a different order.

You might name certain things when applying for a residency that you’re not going to name when you’re trying to get into a gallery. Always think about the person that is going to read the CV.

Try to find out what they would like to read and match your CV to their needs.


Don't worry about your CV in the beginning! List what you have and work on adding new things to your CV as you go along. Everybody has to start somewhere so don't be ashamed.

The only thing I would recommend is that, when possible, you shouldn't list exhibitions in non-art spaces. It is not a bad thing in the beginning, but when you’re moving further in your career you should exclude those from the CV you’re sending out.


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