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What should I write about in my Bio? Or About page?


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A Bio and an About page are two completely different things.

On an About page you may use a combination of your Bio, your artist statement and your CV to give the visitor of your homepage a good impression on who you are and what you’re doing.


The About page is the most important page of your homepage.
So make sure you show your personality, your knowledge, your interests, why you create what your creating and what you did in the past.

It is also a good idea to mention how people can work with you ;)!

Including all of this doesn't mean your about page should be unbelievable long!

Keep it short and interesting, but cover the most important things.

You might want to place a link to your CV, artist statement and Bio on your About page.


Keep the CV, artist statement and Bio ready to go.

There will come a moment when you’ll need it quickly and you only have time to get through it for quick changes.

Your Bio is a text where you describe in third person who you are, what your life looked and looks like and most importantly what you achieved and do.

This means that you write about your education, experiences you had (like staying in Asia for 5 years,..).

You can tell a little bit about your personal life.

You can include a few sentences from your artist statement. Those sentences should give a good impression what your art is all about.

You will need to talk about your accomplishments. Prices you’ve won, everything amazing you’ve achieved.

If applicable you might also write about big struggles in your life.

This is only applicable if it makes sense for the flow of your bio.


Write about where you grew up. What kind of family your coming from. Those kind of things.


I always recommend writing the all including version first.

This is the most important one, not because you’re going to send it out like you wrote it, but because it helps you create the different versions for different purposes.

You should have a 50 word, 200 word, 500 word, 700 word and the really long version of your Bio that no one will ever read.

Take the time to write them in a quieter period in your creative practice, because when your applying for a price, a juried show, or when a magazine or newspaper is interested in you, you will need them quickly.

When creating the different versions of your bio, always keep the person in mind that is going to read it.

Is it for a journalist that is going to interview you or write an article about you. Or is it for an important museum.

You can change what you’re talking about in your Bio to fit the needs of the person reading it.


So there is never a perfect version for every occasion. Just change it as you go!


So that's about it on the About page and the Bio!

Always make sure they are two separate things, even if you borough parts of your Bio for your About page, it has a whole different style and content for a different purpose!


So there you have it!

If you have any questions, please let me know! at: info@kerstinpressler.com

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