Oh o, paint all over the studio!

Hello lovely,


right now, I have paint all over my hands. I probably should have washed them before starting to type this post on my mac. But I just wanted to share what I am up to in the studio at this very moment.

The studio looks a little bananas, but I am so exited!

I'm testing out new color combinations, one of the most fun parts of creating my big newspaper artworks, because I can just throw some paint on little paper swatches and go with my intuition to find the ideal combination. Or probably combinations, because I love so many of them.

A couple of days ago I already made a big collage of magazine cut outs to get into the mood.

Right now I seem to feel all blue and green.

So probably my new pieces will reflect that, but the neon pink sneaks its way back into a lot of swatches. Right now I feel attracted to the sky, plants and beautiful traditional fabrics.

Sometimes I think it’s weird that I love plants, patterns and fabrics so much, but you probably can't see those inspirational sources in my finished works anymore.


Or can you?

'What is your favorite color combination?'


The last couple of weeks I am not really creating finished artworks, but I'm more in a sketching, searching and thinking phase.


Experimenting is a big part of my daily studio practice!

I hope you enjoyed the colors as much as I do.





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