Organize your creative BIZ with trello!

Hi there lovely,

As promised I am going to introduce Trello to you!

Trello is an online program and app, that helps you store notes, links, photos and more.

You can use Trello just for yourself or use it as a project management tool with your team.

Trello is available as an app, but you can also use it in your browser.

You can create a ton of lists, with hierarchy and different topics.

There are a lot of video intro to this app out there, but I want to share my two favorites with you.

organize your creative BIZ with trello!  the BIZ-school for creatives! read the full blog post at:

The first video is a short intro of Trello, how you can use it and where you could use it for. I like this video a lot, however it is a little businessy.

So don't get scared right away, you can use Trello pretty intuitive!


To give you a more detailed idea how to use Trello as a creative, watch this video:


Here you can see how you could use Trello in detail. Katelyn James did a great job explaining how you could use Trello.


When you start using Trello you will need to find your own way of using it. You could start out with Katelyn’s system and then adjust it till it matches your individual needs.


After those videos you may think that Trello is only something for people that coordinate projects with others. That's absolutely not true!

I started to use Trello alone and it worked really great.

Now I am sharing specific lists with partners and that works really great too. So there is a way of using Trello in every stage of your creative BIZ.

Of course you can you Trello for your private life as well.


So if you have a thing for lists, try out Trello. I am still a big pen and paper person, but I transfer the notes I make in my notebooks, into Trello. This helps me access them whenever I like in an organized way.


Before I started to use Trello I had to go through a ton of notebooks before I found what I was searching for.


Now whenever a notebook is full, I go through it and write notes I will need in the future in Trello.

Therefore I created a ton of different lists. Some of them I use daily, but most of them are my brain in a digital version. Combined with links, book recommendations, creatives I love and things I want to try out.


If you think I am getting paid to tell you about Trello, that’s not the case, I just really love to use it ;)

Check it out and see what works for you!


Tell me how you collect your ideas and notes! I would love to know!





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