Offline in the weekends?

I love building my own business! It's so exiting!

I have big goals and I really do want to achieve them, but I only have 24 hours a day and that means I can't do everything!

Sometimes I think I can and then end up being frustrated at the end of the day. Even though I did get a ton of things done!


But one thing is absolutely not hard for me, and that is caring for my little boy.

Yes my business might grow much faster without being a mom, but being a mom makes me so much more happy.

Having a kid to care for made my wish to build a sustainable art business even more important and serious.


But sometimes being a mom and a entrepreneur means not having time for anything. Especially if he has a cold and can't go to his nanny, or the nanny is ill.

Then I need to hustle priorities! This may mean that I can't write a blog post or that the house will be a big mess. This is hard for me to accept!

But we all need to stop comparing us with what we can see other people do, on the outside. We can't see how their lives actually are like. So don't compare yourself with others, turn it around and see them as a inspiration.


Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that live is not one-dimensional.

There is more than just work!

We all need time for ourselves, for our family, partners and all the others things that are important to us.

For me that means reminding myself that my business won't break just because I didn't write a blog post. Or that having a messy house at times doesn’t mean that I am a bad mother or wife.


It just means I'm not perfect!


And because I want to build a business and a life love (yes! Marie Forleo), I've decided that I won't be working on my Blog or other social media in the weekends!

Unless I am really thrilled to share something and can't wait till Monday. I might prepare something in advanced for you, but otherwise I will be offline for the weekends.

This helps me to chill-out, do what I want to do and to enjoy my family!

I want to invite you all to chill-out too, sit down on the floor with your kids and enjoy the playtime. If you don't have a kid cuddle your pet, enjoy some quality time with your partner or friends!

Just enjoy life!


Give yourself the time to be off duty in the weekends, I promise your life won't collapse!



XXX Kerstin


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