Keep your community happy, engaged and excited

What can you do in order to keep your community on your email list happy, engaged and excited to buy?


One thing is sure…not every single member of your community is going to be a paying customer, however taking good care of your subscribers increases the chance that they will buy from you in the future or recommend you to someone they know.


As with everything in this system the pure theory is really easy, however taking action on the knowledge you have gathered is the key to success.

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So let me tell you the secret, you need to send emails that really connect with your community.

Inspire them, teach them about your creative work, let them know that they are special, give them what they need, help them and show them that they are appreciated.


Take a look at what you already know about your ideal client and then communicate with them accordingly.

If your audience knows you and trusts you, they will be more open to buy your products or recommend you to others.


But don't expect them to ask you what they can buy from you! So tell them about your products, your shop and your services in your email communications. Give them coupon codes, let them be the first to buy in your shop and create opportunities for them to buy from you.


And then you will see that you will start selling your work more and more consistently.

This system might seem simple but it works!


What you need to do? Take action.

This will ultimately determine if you succeed or not.


So go and take action now! 




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