How to come up with content for social media!

Hey lovely!


Sometimes we all struggle to come up with new content for our Social Media channels. We all know that we need to stay engaged with our audience, but without a clear topic in mind it is really hard to send a post out into the world.


I too struggle with it every now and then!

Therefore I want to share my strategies! How I come up with topics and how I collect topic ideas for the future!

One of the most important things I do is to collect all my ideas, even when I don't have the time to use them right away.


The following questions can help you come up with ideas. So answer them for yourself and be honest!

The best thing to do is to take a notebook right now and make notes as you go through the questions. This will save you time and your ideas will be fresh.  

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What is your business about?


Don't be scared by the word business, if you make money with your creative passion and you want to be able to finance your life with it you have a business! Otherwise it's a hobby!


If you don't know what your business is all about, you’re missing direction! So get clearance on that first!

If you’re a multi passionate person, think about how you want to make actual money. Sometimes you need to put a project or idea on hold for a while in order to grow another project!


What are you creating?


This could be anything. You can make paintings, take photos, style people or their homes, design objects, make clothes,..

Whatever it is tell people about it! What is your process? How do come up with ideas? What inspires you? ….

There are tons of people out there who are sharing their process, insights and teach others about their creative passion. Search for people in your field and see what they do!


What are friends asking you about?


People we know, ask us about certain things over and over again. Think about what you get asked often. Does your perfect audience want to know about that?

(Make sure that it is matching with your overall vision. If you’re a mom of 3 and you get a ton of questions about parenting, but your selling your artworks, your audience may not really care about your parenting tips ;))


What are you interested in? What are you reading, learning about like a mad person?


Most of the time we have certain interests where we are a pro, but don't even know it. Think about what you do most of the time. What are you interested in? Could you tell your audience about that?



I love mind maps, so I would recommend you write your answers down in a mind map and start collecting topics around the answers.


Don't be scared to talk about topics others are talking about too! There are so many different visions out there, just be yourself and share your version of the truth!


We probably all agree that Picasso and van Gogh where amazing artist!

But they both didn't let the history of art stop their own creative passion, they just put their vision out there. Even though there have been tons of landscape paintings and women portraits out their already!



What can you show in a ‘behind the scenes’ scope?


When you are busy creating something, let people see the actual process. Show the first drawings, the materials, colors mixing, and your studio mess. Fabrics you choose, shopping trips, …..


Share your favorite materials? Books?


Let your audience be part of your world! Show them where you’re getting your inspiration from!

Share your favorite books, materials, places, artists, creatives, techniques,...


Share your struggles?


Sometimes you should show your struggles too. People want to see a human being, not a perfect idol. Show them your mistakes, tell them what happened! Don't overdo it, but from time to time you can show your human side ;)


Scope without make up, show a bad styling choice, show a drawing you messed up, a bad design you created ... Just be real!



Write down all the ideas you got from those questions.

Sometimes you can make a series out of your ideas. You don't have to share really long post every single time you’re getting out into the world. Sometimes short and sweat is more digestible.


(Yes I know this post, is getting pretty long ;) )


The last tip I want to give you is: Collect your ideas for uninspired moments!


Every now and then we can come up with like 1000000... ideas. Use those moments and collect your ideas! You will have days when it won't be so easy.


There are a lot of different ways you could collect your ideas, but for me Trello is a great resource. Trello is an online program and app. You can use it on your smartphone or in your browser.

In Trello you can create lists, create hierarchy and topics.

You can add whole texts, links and images to your topics as well.


If you’re a list making person, be sure to check out Trello! It is amazing.


I will add a post about Trello on friday, so come back then if you want to learn a little bit more about it.


But for now, I will end this really long post!

Let me know how my tips worked out for you!





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