get the * out there°!

This is just too good to not share with you guys!

Starting and then growing a creative Business is hard!

Sometimes you need to invest in so many things at once that you need to be careful on spending more, even for things your dreaming and thinking about for a long time already.

For me that thing I was dreaming and thinking about for a long time was the course 'Fearless Launching' from Anne Samoilov.

A week or so ago I got an email from Anne, telling me that I could join the scholarship contest for 'Fearless Launching'

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I thought about participating in it. I was scared, but then I just did it. I finished up everything I needed to do to take part in the contest.

The last thing I needed to do was tell Anne that I did it.

It freaked me out, but I wrote an email. I literally had butterflies in my stomach.


That doesn't happen often for me, so I knew this was really important to me.

Then I pushed send and stopped thinking about the contest.

I knew that I would be even more disappointment when I wouldn't get in, when I would have told everybody about. So I kept it to myself!


And then Sunday evening I opened up my email and found an email form Anne in my inbox.


I read it once, I read it twice and then I screamed and ran to my husband.

Who wasn't as excited yet as I was, because he probably thought his wife went nuts and wanted to wake up our sleeping baby.

After some explanation (yes I didn't tell him about the scholarship contest either), he was surprised, and really excited for me! I'm still not finished being happy and excited!


Now maybe you’re wondering, what's the point? That's really amazing for you, but what has this to do with me?


The point is, I went out to get what I want.

You probably have a thing or two you really want to do or achieve. But you’re too scared to even try get it! That's why I really want to encourage you to do so!

Maybe you won't win a contest, but at least you should put yourself out there and try it.

You never know what happens. And when you don’t win that contest, don't be sad!

It never worked for me before.

But there will always be a Plan B to get what you want. We always can work our butts off to get where we want!


Because the worst thing that could happen is that it doesn't work out.

So you have nothing to lose!!


After having that said, I'll now go on and continue with my happy dance!

(Yes, I am literally dancing and jumping! And no, it’s probably not the most sexy kind of dance!)






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