editorial calendar mystery! How I put together mine..

Putting together an editorial calendar, sometimes seems like a big mystery!


Even though I think you can do it pretty quickly if you do it step by step.

So let me share how I put it together.


First I come up with how often I want to post on which platform.

I keep it realistic; I know in the past I have set for myself too ambitious plans.

But I never followed through, the only thing that invariably happened was that I actually felt bad.  

lt bad.  

So now I just pick realistic goals, that I can keep up consistently and it started to work out. It is less a struggle to be consistent, It became easier to get post's ready in advance and schedule them.

I feel so much better because now I reach my goal most of the time. Yes, there are some weeks where just everything falls trough the crack, but with those realistic goals, it is less of a hustle to get everything back together again.


So step 1:

Come up with a plan, where do you want to post, how often.

Then get yourself a calendar, open op a new project in Asana or Trello and open up some space for all the posts you will have to post in the next three month.

Yes, I mean it! Do it for the next three month. When doing this you might get scared of how to fill up those free spots, but believe me just follow my step by step guidance and you will get your editorial calendar ready.


Step 2:

Make space in your calendar where you will write down what you will post about. Then it is time to fill up those empty spots.

I like to start to write down my blog post and email topics, first for the entire three-month period. I try to have a connection between what I write about on my blog and my newsletter.


The same goes with all places I am active, I try to match the content to the topics I write about on my blog and newsletter.

Then I go in and plan my youtube videos, matching the topics. I do this for the whole three-month.

At the end, I go in and write all ideas I have for Facebook, Instagram and Periscope.

I always plan in post's where I link to my blog posts and youtube videos on those platforms, plus I keep some space on Instagram and Facebook for post out of my post library or spontaneous in the moment posts.

For Periscope I like to plan the topics in advance. I will tough stuff around or add another scope into the mix when things come up. However when having those topics set in advance, plus some notes prepared I'm more likely actually to stick to my plan.


Maybe you think right now, but what if I have no idea what to post about?

Well, in that case, you might want to make a mind-map with all the different topics that relate to your creative Business and your ideal client.


What do they want? What are they interested in? What are you creating? Can you show the process?

Where does your inspiration come from? Who do you admire? What materials are you using? And Why?

Those are all some things you could write about; there are thousands of more topics. So answer the question and write down everything that comes up.
You can write multiple posts about the topics you're coming up. You don't need to write a 10-page essay; you can just pick up the topic later in another post.


I hope those tips help you come up with ideas. If you still struggle let me know! I would love to help you over this hurdle.


Step 3 was:

Fill up the free spots in your editorial calendar, write down what exactly you're going to write about. If you already have some phrases or ideas write them down too. They will help you write your content faster when it's time to actually prepare it.



This is already everything that it takes to put together your editorial calendar. However, if you won't take the next step you're calendar is worth nothing!

The next step is actually to create your Post's.

I like to batch the writing process. I try to get three to four month worth of content done at once.

Not in one sitting, but withing a focused week of content creation.


Sometimes I have a hard time to write the posts out all at once. In those cases, I break down the writing process into smaller junks. First I would just open the word documents, name the files and write down all little on related thoughts I have about the post. Then I will go to the next post on my calendar.
That way I mostly won't spent more than 10 minutes on one post, but have already a good idea what it is going to be about.


Then in the next sitting, I will arrange the draft snippets so that makes sense and write down the first draft. I won't even look at what I have just written. I will just write and then go back later.


In the last round, I will go in improve the first draft, get it all straightened up and ready.In some weird cases I will have to do this twice, but most of the time I'm pretty satisfied with the result.

Sometimes however I can just start writing and write it all in one single sitting.

Get to know your way of getting those posts written. But come up with strategies that will help you to push trough the writing process when things get tough.


I also plan in some space to create the image that goes with my post's.


Those are as important as the actual writing, so I dedicate a significant amount of time effort and experimentation to getting them ready.

Then the last step is to schedule those post so that you can benefit from your effort upfront.

The great thing about your editorial calendar is that it will help you create posts that actually relate to one another, plus you can get everything is done in advance so when something unexpected comes up your post will get out into the world anyways. Nobody will even notice that you're occupied with something else.


Now it's time for you to take action and get your editorial calendar ready! You will thank yourself afterwards.

Because I'm always improving my strategies, I would love to know what you are doing to get your post out the door consistently!

Comment below and let me know, I would love to hear from you.