Check out Periscope!!

Do you know Periscope?

It's a live streaming app. You scope (scope = live video) about a topic, people can join live, leave comments and engage with you. The video is available for 24h, then it will be gone.

If you don't know Periscope yet, you should definitely check it out! You don't have to be streaming yourself, but you can get to know interesting people really easy!

You can make a great personal connection!

So give Periscope a try!

Check ou Periscope! the BIZ-school for creatives blog. Read the full blog post at

 If you don't know who to watch ;)

Check out my scopes (I am scoping around 2-6 times a week)!

Also you should take a look at Hilary Rushfords scopes!

She is a stylist and business coach!

You could definitely see what she does and think about what you could do to bring your creative passion into the spot light too. She is sharing insights and tips and tricks how you could monetize your passion too!

In the beginning of the year I was part of a group-coaching experience with Hilary. I really enjoyed it and learned a ton. Especially because she is from a different field, but still in the world of creatives. So check out her scopes!

And mine of course ;)

Hilarys handle is: @Hilaryrushford

My handle is: @kerstinpressler



XXX Kerstin


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