BIZ-BOOK: Turning Pro

Hi lovely,


Let's be honest, I am a bookworm!

I totally am, not the novel reading kind, but the one that is reading one non-fiction book after another!

People always try to convince me that I need to read that one great novel they found. But I can tell you, every now and then I find a great novel, it happens maybe every other year and I will read and enjoy it, but until then let me share my love for knowledge based books with you.

The kind of books I read a lot! Books about business, self-development, art, … .

I can promise you they are even better than those cheesy thrillers.


So let's start with the book 'Turning Pro' from Steven Pressfield.

'Turning pro' is an amazingly short book, you can definitely read it in one night.

But even though he kept the content at its essence, this book is so rich. Content wise, but also the language. I just love it.


I marked like a thousand sections in this book!

A must read fo every creative 'turning pro' from Steven Pressfield! read the full blog post about his book at

Let me just share a few of my favorites with you:


'There's a glamour to failure that has been mined for centuries by starving poets, romantic suicides, and other self-defined souls. This glamour inverts failure and turns it into “success.” I've had a romance with this goddess myself. Have you?'

(page 37)


'We're all nothing without the Muse. But the pro has learned that the goddess prizes labor and dedication beyond any theatrical seeking of her favors. The professional does not wait for inspiration; he acts in anticipation of it. He knows that when the Muse sees his butt in the chair, she will deliver.'

(page 99)


'Here's the truth: the tribe doesn't give a shit. There is no tribe.'

(page 68)


You see! Isn't he great with words?

So go checkout this book and if those teasers weren't enough for you, here are my four take-aways from 'Turning Pro', there are actually a lot more, but you need to have a reason to read the book yourself right?



The seven most important things in my studio and my creative live are:

  • order

  • commitment

  • passion

  • love

  • intensity

  • beauty

  • humility

  • And I need to take care of them even more in order to do my best work.



Just sit down and start working. The inspiration will come when your hands are moving!

There is no point in waiting for the inspiration and then starting to work. Even though I talk about this since I started art school, but reading it in the book made it even more important.


Embracing the calling is hard and you need to be willing to do the work. It means risking to fail. It means putting in effort. And it means to go out into the world and expose yourself.


Doing nothing out of fear is never the solution. This way you are sure to never see results!


So thanks a lot for stepping by today! I really appreciate it!

And if you have read the book yourself I would love to know what your favorite sentences were!

Send me a email, I would love to hear from you!





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